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About this website

This website developed for booking Seminar halls and Auditoriums in our college through online. It reduces the traditional/manual maintenance system. It creates user-friendly website for users.

Here, four types of users are available like



Seminar hall in-charge and

Head of Departments or Booker.

  • Booker can the check seminar hall availability, book and view the status through online. Any faculty can reserve the seminar hall and auditorium based on the availability.

  • The seminar hall in-charges can view the requests and accept the request(s) according to the priority and also view the usage reports and status for a particular period.

  • Administrator plays a vital role to maintain complete details of all the users and hall details.
    He/She is the only authorized person to update all details.

  • Principal can view all user details and usage details of seminar halls.

  • Other users can only view the details of the seminar halls.
  • Each event like seminar hall booking, cancellation of seminar hall will be intimated to the concern seminar hall in-charge, bookie and Heads of the department through E-mail.
  • Ultimately this project helps to utilize the seminar hall in an easy way.


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